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Pro-Life Fundraiser

There are few things more important in this current day and age than the fight to end abortion. We know that the most important thing we need to do is pray. As St. Pio said “Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is the key to God's heart. You must speak to Jesus not only with your lips, but with your heart.” Though powerful, praying is our only means of trying to change the hearts of others, and opening their eyes to the horror of abortion. There are many actions we can take, especially when we band together and create Pro-Life Groups or Ministries within our Catholic Parishes or communities. However, one battle in this fight against abortion is that most of the activities beyond prayer require money to be effective.

Few parishes allocate any of the already tight annual budget to their Pro-Life Groups, and asking the pastor for funds for a Pro-Life campaign can be difficult or uncomfortable. The unfortunate result is that either the members of the group have to use their own money, or abandon the planned campaign all together. Giving from personal resources is a very good thing, but if the desired Pro-Life campaign is significant in size (which we think is needed in this current cultural climate) then the members might not be able to pool together thousands of dollars.

Pro-Life Fundraiser Fundraising for your Pro-Life Group Why you should and how

Here are a few things that extra funds could do for your Pro-Life Ministry:

  • Allow you to display a Pro-Life Billboard in your area

  • Cover (or at least supplement) the cost of transportation and lodging for the March for Life in Washington, DC

  • Bring a well-known Pro-Life speaker to witness to your Parish or Diocese such as Abby Johnson, Lila Rose or any of the other wonderful Catholic Speakers mentioned here

  • Provide the ability to purchase quality resources for your Pro-Life Group (this could include books, high quality literature to display at your parish, or an audio or video series)

  • The ability to improve your hospitality ( provide dinner, snacks or free-childcare) for your Pro-Life meetings to encourage more active participation within your Catholic community.

So you may be thinking: Ok, so what is the best way of fundraising for my Pro-Life Group?

Meet the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Car Magnet:

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Car Magnet

Isn't she beautiful? ;)

These Magnets were created in 2010 to spread the Gospel message of the sanctity of every human life from conception until natural death.

The words on this Magnet read:



We would like to offer you the opportunity to host a Catholic Car Magnet Fundraiser, and by selling these beautiful, high-quality Pro-Life Car Magnets you, in turn, can achieve all the dreams you have for your Pro-Life Group in working to end abortion and uphold the dignity of every human person!

There is a three-fold benefit to running a Fundraiser with Catholic Car Magnets

  1. You will be raising money for your group which enables you to do more good work in the fight to end abortion.

  2. Every Magnet you sell is another Magnet that will be on the roads spreading the message of life everywhere that car goes.

  3. We donate 10% off all proceeds from Magnet Sales to the building and maintenance of a Shrine and Burial place for children lost during pregnancy or early infancy.

What we offer is a simple, effective, and free fundraising method.

Ready to learn more? Click Here!

Want to learn more about the origins of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Car Magnet? Click Here!

May God Bless you in your Fundraising efforts and our prayers are with you and your Pro-Life group as you fight the good fight.


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