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Shrine of the Holy Innocents

The Shrine of the Holy Innocents will be a place of remembrance and /or burial for babies lost at any point during pregnancy or infancy.


Our goal is to assist families who have lost a child at any at any stage throughout pregnancy, whether through miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, abortion, stillbirth or in infancy.  The Shrine will be a place to memorialize their child, and if possible, a place of burial. 


We would provide them with the information necessary to help them in their time of grief on a pastoral level as well as a practical level.  If burial is possible, handling the body with the sacredness all human remains deserve acknowledges the great dignity and immortality of the child conceived, and helps tremendously to facilitate the closure necessary.


The Shrine will help to raise an awareness of the sanctity of these very brief, but nonetheless eternal lives that have come and gone so quickly. They have touched and changed their parents’, and families’ lives forever.  The child, no matter how early the loss, is an eternal being.  We trust, through the tender mercy and grace of God, these children will be waiting to share eternity with their loves ones. 


“At the moment of conception, there is eternal life in the womb."

10% of all proceeds from your magnet purchase will

be used for the building & maintenance of this shrine 

Thank you for your support 

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