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St. Benedict Medal Catholic Car Magnet

St. Benedict Medal Catholic Car Magnet


5'' Round Car Magnet



  • About the Magnet

    The medal is one of the oldest and most honored medals used by Catholics. The Letters inscribed are to represent the words of a latin prayer - a prayer that the Cross of Christ would be your light and your guide, a prayer of exorcism against Satan, and firm rejection of all that is evil. It’s a prayer for strength in time of temptation, a prayer for peace for yourself and among the nations of the world, and a prayer of petition that we may always with courage: walk in God's way with the Gospel as our guide. 


    Click here to learn more about the meaning of the St. Benedict Medal

  • Magnet Care

    We recommend that you remove the magnet from your car at least twice a year and wipe down the area with warm soapy water.​​ So, as to not lose your magnet, please remember to remove it before going through a car wash.

  • Magnet Quantities

    1 Magnet  $8 each  

    10 Magnets ($5 each) = $50  

    100 Magnets ($4 each) = $400  


    For larger orders, contact us

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