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Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Car Magnet

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Car Magnet


4.5'' x 7'' Oval Car Magnet 



These Magnets were created in 2010 to spread the Gospel message of the sanctity of every human soul with the message: At the Moment of Conception, there is Eternal Life in the Womb. 

  • The Message on the Magnet

    A simple, yet profound message… a simple, but profound truth.  It is a message that is comforting women and men who have lost babies, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancies, or those healing after an abortion.  It is a message that challenges our theological understanding and our true beliefs in the mystery of the origins of the human person.  It is a message that challenges the medical world and all the places it has gone and continues to go, and the bioethical questions that are raised.


    It is not a new message.  It is profoundly simple.  It is one we hope to spread far and wide, on all the highways of America and throughout the world, to help further promote the Culture of Life.


    Our goal is to spread this message through Our Lady, who is gracing the highways, spreading the message of the sacredness and immortality of human life from the very moment of conception, in her gentle, beautiful way.


    Click here to learn more about the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe featured on this Magnet 

  • Magnet Care

    We recommend that you remove the magnet from your car at least twice a year and wipe down the area with warm soapy water.​​ So, as to not lose your magnet, please remember to remove it before going through a car wash.

  • Magnet Quantites

    1 Magnet  $8 each  

    10 Magnets ($5 each) = $50  

    100 Magnets ($4 each) = $400 


    For larger orders, contact us

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